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Imagine a legal eagle soaring high, wings spread wide, knowledge sharp as talons. That’s the spirit behind HasLawBook, brainchild of the dream duo: Mr. Hasen MH Hassen, a legal luminary, and a web-whiz extraordinaire. Together, they’ve crafted not just a platform, but a legal oasis for the everyday person.

HasLawBook You're Legal Matter

HasLawBook You’re Legal Matter. Our Services

HasLawBook is a Legal Website that provides Ethiopian Legal Information & Resources. We are a team of experienced Lawyers & legal professionals  Explore our wide range of legal services covering Finance, Business, and more.


Discover the principles, theories, and philosophy underlying the law

Business Law

Get expert guidance on corporate contracts, intellectual property, and commercial transactions

Finance Law

Understand the legal aspects of banking, securities, and investments

Insurance Law

Address insurance claims, policies, and coverage disputes

Criminal Law

Seek legal representation for criminal charges and defense strategies

Family Law

Resolve issues such as divorce, child custody, and adoption

Empowering Legal Knowledge

HasLawBook is a trusted legal platform with comprehensive resources spanning diverse legal domains such as Jurisprudence, Business Law, Finance, Insurance, and Criminal Law. Our platform provides easy accessibility to legal insights, empowering individuals with informed decision-making.

Our team at HasLawBook comprises seasoned lawyers and legal experts dedicated to providing clarity on legal matters related to Finance and Criminal Law. With their expertise, our platform offers trusted resources for individuals navigating through complex legal issues.

Why Choose Us

Our commitment to excellence sets us apart in providing clarity and guidance.

Expert Guidance

Seasoned lawyers and experts dedicated to addressing your legal queries with precision.

Personalized Solutions

Tailored legal solutions designed to meet your specific needs and requirements effectively.

Comprehensive Resources

Access our vast collection of legal information across various domains for informed decisions.

Accessibility & Trust

Easy accessibility to reliable legal insights, fostering trust and confidence in our services.

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Dedicated professionals with years of experience committed to resolving your legal concerns.

FDRE & All Regional State Constitution in pdf

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CEO & Founder

HasLawBook You're Legal Matter

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Attorney & Team Member

HasLawBook You're Legal Matter

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Team Member

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