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Experience the best legal services Ethiopia has to offer with Haslawbook! As a leading legal firm in the country, our website showcases our expertise and professionalism in the field. We take pride in providing a user-friendly and informative online platform where clients can access various legal services, browse through our practice areas, and stay updated with current legal news and publications. At Haslawbook, we value our clients’ needs, and our online consultation services allow them to seek legal advice from our expert team with ease. Our website’s simple design and clear navigation guarantee a seamless experience for all users. Trust in our commitment to client satisfaction and choose Haslawbook, the ultimate destination for top-notch legal services in Ethiopia!


10 Yrs Of Legal Practice experiance

International Commercial Law expertise In Ethiopia. HasLawBook You're Legal Matter

Mr Hasen Muhamedhusen Hassen The Founder HasLawBook Website & CEO Lawyer Hasen Mh Firm has more than 10 years of legal practicing experience at Jimmaa Zone Attorney Office.  In Addition To That Mr Hasen Muhamedhusen Hassen is a web developer in Ethiopia. Accordingly he developed more than 100 website in Ethiopia. 

HasLawBook You're Legal Matter
About Us

About HasLawBook You're Legal Matter Website

HasLawBook is a Legal Website that provides Ethiopian Legal Information & Resources. We are a team of experienced Lawyers & legal professionals who are dedicated and committed in providing a legal information to our readers. Simultaneously we also provide a variety of legal services, including legal research, case laws, document drafting and significantly, representation in court.

We are passionate in helping peoples to understand their legal rights and obligations. we strongly believed that everyone should have access a quality legal information regardless of economic social cultural and religious views in Ethiopia.

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You're Legal Matters?

More Than 20k Laws Doc on HasLawBook You're Legal Matter

HasLawBook website is a great resource for Ethiopian legal matters, as it hosts over 20,000 legal documents. Its extensive database offers easy access to information, making it a go-to resource for anyone seeking information on Ethiopian law.

More than 11 partners

HasLawBook is the top legal matter website in Ethiopia due to its collaboration with 12 partners across various fields. Our partners, which include medical experts and architects, provide us with an expansive pool of knowledge that we leverage to deliver top-notch legal services.

A Vast area of practice

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We are Undefeated

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Our Areas of Practice

Haslawbook legal firm practices an extensive range of practice areas in Ethiopia. From criminal law to civil law, international commercial transaction law to contract law, family law to car accidents, the firm offers clients dedicated and knowledgeable legal services.

HasLawBook You're Legal Matter

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