fdr proclamation 1987

Emerging technologies are having a profound impact on international commercial law, including in Ethiopia. With the rise of blockchain, artificial intelligence, and the metaverse, the landscape of commerce is rapidly evolving. Companies and individuals in Ethiopia are now navigating new legal frameworks that govern the use of these technologies.

Blockchain, for instance, is transforming how contracts are created, verified, and executed. In Ethiopia, the government has already recognized the potential of blockchain in streamlining supply chain management and enhancing transparency in financial transactions. Meanwhile, artificial intelligence is revolutionizing how companies conduct due diligence and manage risk.

With the emergence of the metaverse, there are new legal questions around intellectual property, data privacy, and ownership. Companies in Ethiopia will need to carefully navigate these issues as they integrate the metaverse into their businesses.

In short, emerging technologies are significantly changing the international commercial law landscape in Ethiopia. It is therefore necessary for companies and legal practitioners to keep up with these developments and adapt to new legal frameworks accordingly.

Emerging technologies are having a profound FDRE Ethiopian Government and Oromia Regional State Government Constitutional Structure

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