Case Result & Wins of HasLawBook



Covered. Hard fought. Hard earned. Case Result & Wins of HasLawBook

Haslawbook, a reputable legal firm, has recently achieved a milestone in winning over $200 million in case results. This impressive achievement showcases the effectiveness and success of the firm in providing legal services to its clients. The firm’s overall practice area has been instrumental in achieving this success, and it highlights the firm’s dedication towards upholding justice and serving clients with excellence. With this accomplishment, Haslawbook has further cemented its reputation as a reliable and competent legal firm. The firm’s proficiency and expertise in diverse areas of law speak volumes about its commitment to the legal profession and its clients.

Practice Areas

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Some Successful Recoveries

More than 75 M ETB

Car Accident

Haslawbook, a law firm based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, recently won a case related to car accident injury cases, resulting in more than 75 million Ethiopian birr in compensation for their clients. The firm’s experience and dedication to achieving justice for their clients was evident in this significant victory.

More Than 100M

Personal Injury

Haslawbook, a prominent law firm in Ethiopia, recently won a landmark personal injury case, resulting in a settlement of over 100 million Ethiopian Birr for their client. This victory highlights the firm’s commitment to justice and compensation for those who have suffered harm. It also sets a precedent for future cases in the Ethiopian legal system.


International Commercial Transactions

Haslawbook recently achieved a significant victory with more than $80 million won in an international commercial case. This success further solidifies the firm’s reputation as a top player in the legal industry, especially in the field of international business litigation. Congratulations to Haslawbook on this impressive accomplishment.


Worker Compensation

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Truck Accident

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Wrongful Death

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Defective Product

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Slip & Falls

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Personal Injury

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