2005/96 FDRE Proclamation PDF

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All FDRE Proclamations Proclaimed in 2005. 2005/96 FDRE Proclamation PDF

The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE) has implemented numerous proclamations to govern different aspects of its society and ensure the smooth functioning of the state. In the year 2005, several significant proclamations were proclaimed, addressing various areas of Ethiopian law and administration. Let’s take a closer look at some of these noteworthy proclamations.

1. Proc-No.472-2005: Italian Republic Loan Agreement

This proclamation pertains to a loan agreement between the FDRE and the Italian Republic. It outlines the terms and conditions of the loan, focusing on the areas of development and cooperation between the two countries. The proclamation is aimed at strengthening bilateral relations and fostering economic growth through financial support.

2. Proc-No.473-2005: OPEC Fund for International

The Proclamation No.473-2005 relates to a loan agreement with the OPEC Fund for International Development. The agreement aims to promote sustainable development and economic progress in Ethiopia. It highlights the collaboration between the FDRE and the OPEC Fund, working together to address developmental challenges and improve the quality of life for Ethiopian citizens.

3. Proc-No.474-2005: Nordic Development Fund Credit

This proclamation focuses on a credit agreement with the Nordic Development Fund (NDF). The NDF provides financial resources and expertise to support sustainable development projects in partner countries. The Proclamation No.474-2005 outlines the terms of the credit facility, intended to finance specific programs in Ethiopia that align with the country’s development goals and priorities.

4. Proc-No.475-2005: African Development Fund Loan

The African Development Fund (ADF) Loan agreement, as per Proclamation No.475-2005, is aimed at supporting various development programs in Ethiopia. The ADF provides financial resources to assist African countries in achieving their sustainable development objectives. This proclamation highlights the FDRE’s commitment to partnering with the ADF to implement crucial projects and initiatives across the nation.

5. Proc-No.476-2005: Saudi Fund for Development Loan

The Saudi Fund for Development (SFD) Loan agreement, outlined in Proclamation No.476-2005, signifies the cooperation between the FDRE and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The loan aims to finance specific development projects in Ethiopia, focusing on infrastructure, agriculture, and other crucial sectors. This agreement strengthens the bilateral ties between the two nations and fosters mutual cooperation.

6. Proc-No.477-2005: Agreement on Cultural, Scientific, and Educational Cooperation

Proclamation No.477-2005 emphasizes the FDRE’s commitment to cultural, scientific, and educational cooperation with other nations. This agreement highlights the importance of fostering international collaborations in these fields to promote knowledge sharing, cultural exchange, and mutual understanding.

7. Proc-No.479-2005: Agreement between the Government

Proclamation No.479-2005 outlines an agreement between the FDRE and another government, focusing on various aspects of mutual cooperation. This proclamation may refer to a specific country or region and highlights the joint efforts made to strengthen bilateral ties, promote economic cooperation, and address common challenges.

8. Proc-No.480-2005: Agreement between the Government. 2005/96 FDRE Proclamation PDF

Similar to Proclamation No.479-2005, the Proclamation No.480-2005 signifies an agreement between the FDRE and another government entity. The specific details of this agreement are not provided, but it underscores the importance of bilateral cooperation and the FDRE’s commitment to international relations for the benefit of its citizens.

These proclamations enacted in 2005 demonstrate the FDRE’s commitment to international cooperation, sustainable development, and fostering strong bilateral relations. They aim to address various sectors, including finance, development, culture, and education, positively impacting the nation’s progress and prosperity.

Please note that the content provided here is a general overview, and it is advisable to refer to the official documents and legal resources for detailed information on each proclamation.

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2005/96 FDRE Proclamation PDF
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