Ethiopian Bilateral Investment Treaties in PDF

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Ethiopian Bilateral Investment Treaties Made by Ethiopia: Promoting Investment and Economic Collaboration

Ethiopia has actively pursued the expansion of its international investment landscape through the establishment of Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITs) with various countries. These treaties aim to encourage foreign direct investment (FDI), provide legal protection to investors, and foster economic cooperation. Below is a list of some of the notable BITs signed by Ethiopia:

Ethiopian Bilateral Investment Treaty with China:

The BIT between Ethiopia and China, signed in [year], strengthens economic ties and stimulates investment flows between the two countries. It offers provisions for investor protection, dispute resolution mechanisms, and cooperation in sectors like manufacturing, infrastructure, energy, and agriculture. The treaty facilitates an environment conducive to sustained bilateral investment.

Bilateral Investment Treaty with India:

Ethiopia and India signed a BIT in [year], aiming to boost economic engagement and create a favorable investment climate. The treaty covers a wide range of sectors, including information technology, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, textiles, and infrastructure. It underpins collaboration through provisions for investor protection, intellectual property rights, and mechanisms for the settlement of investment disputes.

Ethiopian Bilateral Investment Treaties
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